Artistic direction

Honorary Guest Conductor,
Kobayashi Ken-Ichiro

More than 40 years ago, in the spring of 1974 Kobayashi Ken-Ichiro won the first International Conducting Competition of the Hungarian Television (MTV). MAV Symphony Orchestra was the first orchestra he conducted abroad, thus began his international career. Since then, the Master gained worldwide reputation, but nurtures a special bond with the ensemble up to the present day. He is a recurring guest at MAV Symphony Orchestra, whose presence inspires our musicians and makes each concert special for the audience. He conducted dozens of concerts in different series of the Orchestra and performed with them in Japan several times, perpetuating the reputation of our country and the Orchestra’s founder as well.

In the spring of 2014, Kobayashi celebrated the 40th anniversary of his victory at the Conducting Competition with a grand series of concerts. Within three weeks, he performed on seven occasions along with the most renowned symphony orchestras of Hungary. At the gala concert in Budapest, he conducted the MAV Symphony Orchestra. That evening Ilona Dávid, President and Chief Executive Officer of MAV honoured Kobayashi with the prestigious Vasútért award.

Our ensemble considers this friendship among its most precious assets. As a sign of mutual appreciation, from season 2014-15 Kobayashi Ken-Ichiro is welcomed as Honorary Guest Conductor on the podium.