Erdélyi Miklós bérlet 1


 2018. SZEPTEMBER 27.  
 Thursday 7pm  


Bernstein: Slava

Bartók: Rhapsody No. 1

Bartók: Rhapsody No. 2

Gershwin: Child Song

Grofé: Grand Canyon Suite

Gilles Apap (hegedű)

Péter Csaba

Following our traditions, the 73rd concert season of our orchestra will be opened by our chief conductor. The two rhapsodies of Béla Bartók, which were composed for solo violin and originally piano, are good examples of the composer’s deep knowledge of Hungarian folk music. Nevertheless, he expresses his own musical thoughts by using self-developed topics. The soloist of the rhapsodies, Gilles Apap is an individual character among the numerous internationally famous violinists of the world. Besides his immense musical knowledge, he has a unique sense of humor and performance style. Besides Bartók, the orchestra dedicates this concert to American music. Leonard Bernstein composed his Slava-overture in honor of the world-famous Russian composer, Mstislav Rostropovich. Slava was the composers nickname among friends (the word means ‘glory’). The rightly world-famous suite of Grofé depicts the best known landscape of North-America with especially exquisite and exciting tones. The piece is an outstanding example of the musical depiction of nature.