Park Sang Hyeok, István Dénes

2024. March 2.
7 PM
Liszt Academy, Grand Hall
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István Dénes: MÁV START S.O.S.
Dohnányi: Konzertstück for Cello and Orchestra
Popper: Hungarian Rhapsody, Op. 68
Franz Liszt – István Dénes: Dante (transcription of the Dante Sonata for orchestra)


Park Sang Hyeok - cello


István Dénes
A conducting composer or a composing conductor? Seems to be a fair question about István Dénes, who is a renown opera-conductor in Hungary and abroad as well, while he is also a productive composer, with vivid fantasy and remarkable humor. As a token of his respect for our orchestra, he composed a paraphrase of the MÁV's signal for the railway station and, in order to expand the orchestras' repertoire, he transcribed Franz Liszt's masterpiece, the Dante Sonata, for orchestra. The concert's soloist, Park Sang Hyeok, was born in South Korea in 2004. She has completed her secondary and higher education in her home country and has won several national competitions. She is currently studying at the Academy of Music in Liechtenstein, mentored by the famous Russian cellist, Ivan Monighetti. It is an honourable gesture on his part to perform two Hungarian works at the concert.