Dear Audience,

These are troubled times, but music proves that harmony can still exist in the world. This harmony reflects in the classical pieces played in concordance by various instruments, a quality the MÁV Symphony Orchestra has been conveying to its audiences with passionate dedication and world-class quality since 1945.

Playing such a significant role in Hungarian culture has been a source of pride of the leaders and the staff of the founding Hungarian State Railways and its subsidiaries ever since. For almost 80 years, we have respected, supported and protected the orchestra, and thereby of course our common cultural heritage. Today, the economic challenges we face in our daily lives make this mission increasingly difficult to fulfil. But the loyalty of our supporters is perhaps ever more important in difficult times than in more carefree years.

Therefore, at the MÁV-Volán Group, we are doing our best to support the orchestra by any means, including the reconstruction and renewal of the former railway culture house, which will allow the MÁV Symphony Orchestra to prepare for its wonderful concerts at a permanent headquarter again.

Love is at the heart of the new season's line-up; an eternal theme which is yet always narrated differently – the subject of many brilliant musical pieces throughout human history. In this particularly emotional season, we adults will be able to listen to the orchestra in prestigious concert halls such as the Franz Liszt Academy of Music, the MÜPA and the Festetics Palace. At the same time, the orchestra's mission is to educate future music-literate audiences, so they also offer playful, educational and instrumental sessions for children, for even infants.

I am proud that the MÁV-Volán Group can be a loyal supporter of the MÁV Symphony Orchestra. We who keep the country moving, who create and run the public transport system, are perhaps a little like musicians. Because our goal is to work in cooperation, in harmony, to play with respect to each other and to please the (travelling) public. So I wish you all a year and a season rich in harmony, travel and music!

Sincerely yours, dr. Zoltán Pafféri CEO of the MÁV Zrt.

dr. Zoltán Pafféri
CEO of the MÁV Zrt.