The Music Show is Hungary's first symphonic talk show concert, jointly organized by ZeneMűvek, the MÁV Symphony Orchestra and Akvárium Klub, and launched on December 1, 2021. Among the guests of the first season we welcomed Olympic silver medallist, world and European champion sailor Zsombor Berecz, theatre artist Franciska Törőcsik, with whom we also performed together, and clinical psychologist Kitti Almási. The concerts are a combination of the interview and the concert genre, exploring topics with a celebrity guest that are interesting for young people, to which the MÁV Symphony Orchestra will respond with masterpieces from the classical concert repertoire. The aim of this unique initiative in Hungary is to provide an artistic context for intellectual content through music during a conversation, thus facilitating the integration of classical music into our everyday lives.

Conductor: Marcell Dénes-Worowski
Host: Seidl Dénes Mihály


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December 21, 2022, 8 pm
February 1, 2023, 8 pm
March 8, 2023, 8 pm

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Recommended age: from 16
Ticket price: HUF 3500
Ticket purchase through the site.
Venue: Akvárium – Main Hall (H-1051 Budapest, Erzsébet tér 12.)
Organizers: MÁV Symphony Orchestra and Akvárium Klub


The Concert Plus concert series was designed for young people who are interested in classical music, with the aim to share exciting information about the concert program, in order to create a more complex experience. this aproach, along with the laid-back, informal atmosphere help the young to find their way in music. We organise our Concert Plus series around the MÁV Symphony Orchestra's main evening concerts. Before the concert, we will give the young audience an introductory talk in an informal setting, providing information that will make listening to the music a more complex and personal experience. After the presentation, we will listen to the concert together and then share a drink with the musicians and have a discussion. In our closed group on the largest social network, more and more young people share the joy of going to a concert and the complex concert experience.

You can join the group by invitation:

We look forward to seeing you: Seidl Dénes Mihály and Marcell Dénes-Worowski


ShowPieces is an edutainer startup founded in 2020 by Dénes Seidl, Junior Prima Award-winning trumpeter and conductor Marcell Dénes-Worowski. The aim of the initiative is to renew the relationship between classical music and audiences through programmes that combine the qualities of entertainment performances with the value-preserving and mediating power of classical music culture.